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smoothie Day 1: Smoothie, Smoothie, Smoothie how do I love you!

Here are 3 Different Ways To Incorporate Smoothies In Your Diet.

Green Smoothies

Green smoothies have become very popular in recent years. They are a wonderful way to work more Smoothies are a quick and easy way to get more fresh produce in your diet. Let’s face it, they are delicious too and make for the perfect meal or snack when you’re in a rush. Since they are so versatile, it’s easy to find smoothie recipes that you love and can enjoy every single day. Let’s look at three different types of smoothies and how you can use them to incorporate more fresh and healthy food in your diet.

Fruit Smoothies

The first place to start is with simple fruit smoothies. Mix up one or two of your favorite types of fruit with some ice and a little milk or yogurt. It makes a refreshing and sweet drink that’s similar to a milkshake but better for you. Fruit and yogurt smoothies also make for a wonderful, portable breakfast option.

These types of smoothies work well with both fresh and frozen fruit, making them a great year-round option for you. Mix and match the fruit you use. For a boost of protein and for a more filling smoothie, try adding some Greek yogurt, peanut butter, or even a scoop of protein powder leafy greens and raw veggies in your diet, without having to eat “another salad”. You can work quite a bit of green goes along with the fiber and nutrients they provide in your diet by simply adding a green smoothie to your daily food intake.

Green smoothies make a great lunch. Blend it in the morning, store the smoothie in the fridge and just shake it up and enjoy for a healthy lunch that will provide you with lots of nutrients without leaving you stuffed and tired. For best results mix and match your greens and veggies from day-to-day.

Savory Smoothies

Most smoothies will be sweet because fruit is added to them, but it doesn’t have to be this way. You can also enjoy savory smoothies that taste more like cold vegetable soup. For example, you can mix up greens, tomato, and cucumber, bell pepper along with a little water, onion, and vinegar to make a smoothie that’s inspired by Gazpacho – the Spanish cold tomato soup. Similarly, you can whip up a smoothie that tastes like salsa. Play around with different veggies, seasonings and liquids like tomato juice, chicken or vegetable broth.

Give smoothies a try. Start with a few different recipes and then start to tweak and change things around until you come up with your own personal collection of smoothies that you love and that fulfill your nutritional needs. Don’t forget to join our support group here.

Tell me, how do you like your smoothie?

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