New to juicing? Pick your first juicer

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How to pick the best juicer for you
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How to find the perfect juicer for you.

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A lot goes into ensuring that you get the right juicer that will work for you. But first, you need to understand that there are essentially two types of juicers. Cold press juicers, and centrifugal juicers. A cold-press juicer has a process that grinds up the produce, and then presses it through a filter of some kind to separate the juice from the pulp. A centrifugal juicer pulls the produce through a higher powered center whereby it grinds it and forces it through a filter where the pulp and juice are separated.

A cold-press juicer is said to produce the most flavorful and best-textured juices, while a centrifugal juicer offers a less expensive option that most people are perfectly happy with. Within those two types of juicer, categories are several juicers to choose from.

* Citrus Juicer – Either a manual or electric countertop juicer is something that you can use every day without pulling out the often hard to clean cold-press or centrifugal juicer.
* Wheatgrass Juicer – If you plan to do a lot of green juices, you will want to invest in a special wheatgrass juicer. It’s really difficult to juice leafy vegetables and herbs but not with a wheatgrass juicer.
* Cold-Press Juicer – Sometimes called a masticating juicer, there are many price ranges for these juicers. Choose one within your budget, and you’ll be sure to love it. Choose one that’s outside of your budget and you may not be happy with it. In the case of juicers, more expensive varieties don’t always mean they are better.
* Centrifugal Juicer – One of the least expensive and most popular juicers, these juicers are easy to use and easy to find at prices you can afford. With these, you can also make use of the pulp in recipes.

If you don’t feel like buying multiple products you can also use your blender as a juicer. Just blend the produce with some water until liquefied, then strain with a mesh strainer, cheese cloth or a nut milk bag into a serving container then wash the strainer immediately.

There is no reason you can’t get started today with juicing. You don’t need special equipment. Everything you want can be found at local department stores like Walmart and Target. Read online reviews of various juicers, watch videos about what it takes to clean and use the different types of juicers mentioned.

The thing to pay close attention to is how hard it is to use and clean. If any equipment takes a long time to use and clean it’s less likely that you’ll actually follow through. Juicers are particularly unforgiving if you don’t clean them right away. Therefore, leave no stone unturned when checking out the different types of juicers available so that you can ensure you get the right one for you.

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