My Avon Story

I guess you can say selling Avon was in my blood because it has been a part of my home for the last 30 years and my mother used to sell and my grandmother used to buy. In July 2010, when the economy wasn’t looking too bright and I needed to supplement my income. I decided that it was my time to become the Avon Lady. I must say that in the beginning, it didn’t go too well because I wasn’t putting in the work. Once, I put the work in my income expanded and now I help other women and men supplement their income through being an Avon Independent Sales Representative and Promoter.

My goal is to provide both a superior customer experience and tremendous value for our customers.

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You can shop my store 24/7: beautiful4less

You can signup to become an Avon Representative here.

Tamika has over ten years of experience in direct sales and is passionate about exceeding your expectations and helping other’s reach their financial goals.

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